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Eden Pillow

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You’re not alone if you aren’t happy with your posture. 

Sitting hunched over for hours using our computers & phones, causing a very unnatural position for the human body. Then, not getting the support your neck needs using standard pillows that push our head forward for hours during slumber. 

That’s why WE ARE here, introducing to you the world’s first smart therapeutic pillow that’s designed with your posture, comfort, and life of ease in mind! 

The Pillow is a prime therapeutic pillow that helps restore your natural neck curvature and gently distributes pressure from your thoracic spine precisely. 

Posture pillows are well known in the medical community, where they’ve been used to naturally relieve neck pain for decades. However, what we have done is truly something special, by introducing Smart Lighting and Smart Speakers into our pillow we have revolutionized the pillow. To that end, we are working on making it accessible to everyone. 

How Does it Work? 

Here’s how It’s patent pending design helps improve your quality of life. 

Engineered perfect neck contour. Providing proper neck positioning, maintaining the natural curve of your neck. The unique design cradles your head while you sleep on your back, increasing restorative REM sleep and enabling a deeper sleep. 

The problem: Ordinary pillows just aren’t working. Your spine and head are pushed forward, leaving you in a fixed slouching position for more than 8 hours on average.  

The solution: But here’s good news, OnSleep restores your natural neck curvature (cervical spine) while also supporting your head, and upper thoracic spine perfectly. Get rid of unwanted neck pain. 

Elevated and curved surface for side sleepers. This boosted extra height for your pillow is great for side sleepers and snorers, elevating the pillow just right allows you to sleep in a natural state keeping your spine aligned. The implemented curved surface allows comfortable sleep without the unwanted ear pressure. With 2 different raised areas this pillow is perfect for just about anyone.  

The problem: Here’s why your pillow isn’t helping. While sleeping your neck just isn’t aligned properly to your body using your typical pillow, leaving your head and neck either too high or too low. This causes extreme stress on your body, pinching and irritating nerves. 

The solution: With OnSleep’s proper elevation your muscles can relax, keeping your nerves unpinched. Wake up feeling like a truly new version of yourself. 

Serotonin, melatonin, and cortisol levels. Studies have been shown that therapeutic pillows increase serotonin and melatonin levels, reducing stress and anxiety. While also decreasing cortisol levels, improving your mood and boosting restful deep sleep at the same time. Relax your muscles and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day. 

This results in a reduced cortisol level and an increase in serotonin production, meaning it helps decreases your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Type of construction. Unlike other ordinary pillows that go flat and lose shape, OnSleep® uses non-allergenic, non-toxic memory foam (50d medium density) so it remains very supportive and comfortable all night. Never again fluff up or readjust, don’t let your head sink or shift during slumber. While being breathable so you don’t sleep hot. 

Advanced pillow shape: Get the support you need! With our one of a kind One Size Fits all design. Ranging from 6'5 all the way to 4'9 support.


The Eden Pillow is recommended by healthcare professionals

This 21st Century Pillow ushers in a new age of modern pillows.

Using innovative engineering, modern-day pillows have finally been perfected, through ensuring ideal sleep posture for both side and back sleepers. Your sleeping posture can have a major impact on your slumber as well as your overall health.

Poor sleep posture could potentially cause back and neck pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramping, impaired circulation, headaches, heartburn, tummy troubles, excessive snoring, and even premature wrinkles. 

Say goodbye to bad sleep habits with our revolutionary patented Eden Pillows. The Eden Pillow is specially designed to correct your posture while you sleep.

Material: 100% Cotton 
Filling: Memory Foam

☑️REDUCE NECK & BACK PAIN – Bad sleeping positions can cause pain, lethargy, and even lead to nerve damage. The Eden Pillow, coupled with physical therapy, aids in the treatment of neck & back pain. 

☑️PAIN RELIEF – Reliefs those suffering from sciatica, scoliosis, and bursitis by providing proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure while sleeping. 

☑️ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The Eden Pillow has contoured superior memory that will make dozing off even more comfortable. Pillow is breathable and prevents overheating or extra moisture that can cause odor and bacteria growth.

☑️SLOWS DOWN AGING OF SPINE – Helps you feel younger.

☑️PREVENTS SLEEP WRINKLES – Our Eden Pillow's cervical design help minimise movement while sleeping to prevent sleep wrinkles.

☑️MACHINE WASHABLE – Our pillow covers are easily washable. The cotton case prevents dust, mites, and germs.

☑️GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF SLEEPERS – Designed for back, side and stomach sleepers.


Order Comes With:

1x Eden Pillow 

30 Night Trial

We understand finding the right pillow is a daunting task. The Eden Pillow is designed to be a perfect fit for most sleepers, but in case it's not for you, you're covered by our 30-night trial.

Not loving it? Just contact us and we'll organise your full refund.


*The main difference of both the plus sized and standard sized pillows is the length and breadth. The lofts are the same at 4 inches tall.